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Underage Drinking and Juvenile Offenses

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Going away to college is an exciting time in a teenager’s life. It is a time of learning and new experiences. It is also a time of making mistakes. Unfortunately, some make mistakes that can haunt them for the rest of their lives — such…

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Expunging a juvenile’s record

Every parent in Charlotte likely hopes that their children can look to the future and find it rife with opportunities. Those opportunities, however, can quickly become limited if a youth is convicted of a crime. A lack of experience and judgment can often lead kids…

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How can I prevent my child from underage drinking?

Receiving an underage drinking charge in North Carolina is a serious issue. Not only can such a charge result in legal trouble, it can also have a lasting impact on many facets of your child’s life. There are steps parents can take to prevent their…

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What to know if your child is accused of a crime

In North Carolina juvenile offenses can have very serious consequences. Juvenile charges will have lasting effects on a child’s academic record as well as adult criminal history, which can result in even more severe offenses down the line. provides parents the following information, which is crucial…

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