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Insurance fraud charges laid in North Carolina

If someone is served food that is unsanitary and dangerous, the issue is typically addressed with the restaurant. In some cases, damages may be paid by the restaurant’s insurance company, especially if the issue resulted in medical bills. But, what happens if authorities accuse the person making a false claim? Recently, such a…

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Accused of committing credit card fraud?

Most North Carolina residents have lines of credit that they use to cover their daily expenses or any emergencies that may arise. Some people permit others to use their credit on occasion, and that is perfectly legal. Using someone else’s credit or debit card or…

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Woman facing decades behind bars in mail fraud scheme

Criminal charges are no joke, and the consequences tied to them can be significant. One North Carolina woman is finding out just how significant, as she is facing 20 years behind bars for her role in a mail fraud scheme. Here’s what’s going on with…

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