Insurance fraud charges laid in North Carolina

If someone is served food that is unsanitary and dangerous, the issue is typically addressed with the restaurant. In some cases, damages may be paid by the restaurant’s insurance company, especially if the issue resulted in medical bills. But, what happens if authorities accuse the person making a false claim? Recently, such a case in North Carolina resulted in charges for insurance fraud and attempting to obtain property by false pretense.  

McDonalds customer makes claim 

The incident emerged when a McDonalds customer in Raleigh claimed a burger he consumed made him nauseous. He presented a photo of the burger, which appeared to have a hair on it, and claimed the incident caused pain and suffering as well as nearly $1,600 in medical bills. Investigators believe the photo was manipulated, and that the accused placed the hair on the burger after removing the wrapper. 

Individual arrested following investigation 

The individual was arrested in late Nov. 2021 and released on a $10,000 bond. The North Carolina Insurance Commissioner made a statement to the press regarding the case, saying that pursuing insurance fraud cases in the state would be a priority. Authorities say that pursuing such cases is ultimately in the best interest of consumers, as fraud cases increase insurance premiums for all. 

Options for those accused of insurance fraud 

Those who face charges of insurance fraud may have several defense options depending on the particulars of their case and the evidence at hand. There are also many different types of insurance fraud one could be accused of, so the best legal response can vary greatly. As a result, it is recommended to reach out to a North Carolina lawyer with experience in white collar crime.

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