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Can you get a DUI the day after drinking?

You did everything you were supposed to do – drank responsibly, used a rideshare service to get home. The morning after a night out, however, you find yourself getting stopped on suspicion of drunk driving, charged with DUI and wondering how this could have happened.…

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When does theft become a felony in North Carolina?

Theft refers to the unlawful taking of another person’s property without consent or the legal right to do so. Under North Carolina law, theft goes by another name: “Larceny.” Regardless of which term the charges against you use, you face criminal penalties. The severity of…

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Understanding constructive possession

You could face a lengthy prison sentence plus a considerable fine if a North Carolina judge or jury convicts you of committing an alleged drug offense. Regardless of the specific crime with which the prosecutor charges you, however, your conviction rests on the supposition that (s)he sufficiently…

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Do self-checkouts increase the risks of accidental theft?

Self-checkout systems are quickly popping up all over stores in North Carolina. They allow you to check your own items out and pay without the need for a store employee to man every register. Instead, most stores have multiple self-checkout stations with one employee who…

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