Teen charged for having a firearm in vehicle on school grounds

Not too far from Charlotte in Union County, a teenage male was recently arrested while at school after a weapon was found in his vehicle during a random search. Thanks to North Carolina laws, this individual is now facing felony charges for having a firearm on school grounds. If he is ultimately convicted, the consequences may be severe.

According to reports, on Monday, Nov. 9, deputies performed a safety sweep in the school’s parking lot when they say they noticed alcohol inside and in the bed of the teen’s pickup truck. As they went on to investigate the matter and gained access to the inside of his car, they say they found a fake driver’s license and a rifle covered in a pile of clothes. The 18-year-old male was promptly arrested and booked into Union County Jail.

Even though police say there was no known threat to any staff members or students, just having a weapon on school grounds is a Class 1 felony. Along with the felony charge, this young man has also been charged with underage possession and possession of fraudulent identification. It is unclear if he is still in police custody.

While there are so many unknowns in this case, one thing is clear. This high school student’s life may never be the same if he is convicted on the charges filed against him, as having this on his record will follow him for the rest of his life. Thankfully he, just like anyone else in North Carolina in his same position, has the right to defend himself and fight the firearm and other charges with the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney. With legal counsel in his corner, he can fight for the best outcome possible whether that be a case dismissal, reduction in charges or alternative sentencing.

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