Man flees police, faces felony drunk driving offenses

When facing first offense drunk driving charges, a driver who is convicted may hope to avoid jail time and deal with the minimum amount of fines and other penalties. It may even be possible, under certain circumstances, for a driver to avoid a conviction altogether if the evidence against him or her is questionable. However, some factors at the time of the arrest can severely complicate matters, and drunk driving offenses that involve these circumstances may be more challenging to fight.

One North Carolina man is certainly facing such complications after a late-night arrest. Police say they clocked the 37-year-old man driving 127 mph in a 60-mph zone. When officers attempted to stop the driver, he reportedly refused to comply and the authorities gave chase. Eventually, police convinced the driver to stop, and it was then that they discovered the man apparently had a small child in his vehicle. The child was under the age of 16 and was not secured by seat belt or car safety seat.

The man now faces nearly a dozen charges related to the incident, including driving while impaired, having an open container in the car, and felony eluding police by fleeing. He was also allegedly driving on a suspended license and is accused of being a habitual impaired driver, which is also a felony. Perhaps most serious are the charges related to the child passenger, including failing to secure a minor and misdemeanor child abuse.

Because of the numerous felony counts involved in this case, the man faces an uncertain future. Those in North Carolina dealing with even one of these drunk driving offenses have good reason for concern. A wise first step would be to contact an attorney with considerable experience successfully handling complex DWI cases.

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