Addressing Serious Repeat DWI Offenses On Your Behalf

Charlotte DWI Defense Attorney
Addressing Serious Repeat DWI Offenses On Your Behalf

North Carolina law imposes escalating penalties for repeat DWI offenses. If you are facing charges for a second or subsequent DWI, the stakes will likely be much higher than they were during your first case.

After your first DWI offense, the legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit will be lower, making it easier for law enforcement to catch, arrest and charge you. A repeat conviction can lead to lengthier jail time, suspension or revocation of your driver’s license, installation of an ignition interlock device and hefty fines. Your vehicle could also be subject to civil forfeiture.

Habitual offenders with three or more prior offenses will face felony charges.

Finding The State’s Weaknesses

While the consequences of a second DWI conviction may seem daunting, there may be ways to avoid a conviction or reduce the sentence. Every case has weaknesses. Perhaps the police officer who stopped your vehicle lacked a lawful basis for the stop. Perhaps the officer did not have proper legal grounds to conduct field sobriety tests, or perhaps the tests were conducted improperly.

The bottom line is that you don’t need to lose hope. There may be numerous elements in your case that can serve as a foothold for attacking the state’s arguments. Because each case is unique, it is critical to obtain professional advice from an experienced DWI attorney.

Addressing Serious Repeat DWI Offenses On Your Behalf

Getting Experienced Help From A Skilled Attorney

At The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett in Charlotte, we handle repeat DWI offenses with a high degree of knowledge and skill. Backed by more than 34 years of experience, we devote our practice exclusively to criminal law, and we have the trial and negotiation skills necessary to navigating successful outcomes.

Attorney Kevin L. Barnett brings a unique perspective to our criminal defense practice. His work as a former prosecutor has given him valuable insight into how prosecutors build their cases. His experience handling DWI cases from both angles gives him a strategic advantage, meaning strong defensive strategies for our clients and a better chance for more favorable outcomes.

Put Skill And Experience In Your Corner

Don’t let prosecutors make you think that you don’t have options after getting a second or subsequent DWI. Defend your rights, reputation and future by hiring a strong advocate who knows better and can fight to ensure the best possible outcome.

Get an experienced advocate on your side by contacting us to arrange a free initial consultation. We serve clients in the Charlotte area and throughout Mecklenburg County. Get started today by calling 704-334-2044 or sending us a brief description of your case using our online contact form.


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