Is criminal expungement becoming easier?

Many people want a clean record. For those in North Carolina with an arrest record, expungement is already a possibility. What some do not realize is that if the courts charge you with a crime that is later dismissed, those arrests remain on your record. There are ways for you to apply to have those records expunged, based on whether the charges were dismissed. Soon, it may become even easier.

Nowadays, it is up to the person to take charge of his or her record and decide whether it is worth fighting in court. The News and Observer suggests that with a new bill, North Carolina may begin to expunge the records of those found not guilty or who had dismissed charges. In addition, the state may begin to look into the cost of expunging misdemeanor and minor felonies. The conditions would be that the person has not had a second conviction.

A criminal record can be a real burden on jobseekers and those who are looking to buy a home. Even if someone cleared the person of all charges, it does not change the stigma. Sometimes, to have criminal records expunged is the best option. This bill offers a second chance to those who need it. Until the bill passes, however, there are options for those who wish to see the expungement of their criminal record. You can always follow through with the process to expunge dismissals and disposed charges.

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