Can young drug offenders have their records expunged?

In North Carolina, to carry a drug charge on your record can alter your life. Even after you serve your sentence, you may still face negative consequences. It does not necessarily matter the nature of your charge, the simple conviction damages a person’s reputation. Nowadays, most employers and property owners conduct background checks. These background checks provide a complete legal history. If you made a mistake in your past, involving drugs, expungement may be something you can pursue.

According to the North Carolina statutes, if you were a first time offender under the age of 21, then you may be able to petition for expungement. The courts require that you have an affidavit that you were of good behavior and that you did not receive any other convictions aside from traffic violations. Courts also require that you have affidavits by two people unrelated to you who can vouch for your character.

 If you were over the age of 21, your options may have more limitations. Most non-violent misdemeanors and nonviolent felonies have a possibility for expungement. As long as you do not reoffend or commit a violent crime, you may be able to entertain the idea of expungement. When it comes to drug charges, the exemptions include any felony offense that involves heroin, methamphetamines or intent to sell and deliver cocaine.

 Expunged records do not disappear entirely but they do provide you with more opportunities with housing and job-hunting. If arrested in the future, your expunged record is not necessarily off-limits. This information simply provides details on record expungement. It is not legal advice.

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