North Carolina drug seizure the “largest in county history”

Two North Carolina men, ages 35 and 30, are facing drug charges after a months-long investigation into their activities resulted in their arrests in the city of Williamston. The investigation was a joint effort among county, city and state authorities. A press release from law enforcement claims that the execution of a search warrant resulted in the seizure of the largest amount of crack/cocaine in the history of the county.

Additional charges are pending against the two men. Currently, each faces charges related to cocaine trafficking. The bond amount for the 30-year-old is $500,000, while the 35-year-old has a $1 million bond set.

In addition to two kilograms of cocaine and four kilograms of crack cocaine, authorities allegedly seized 81 grams of marijuana, over 800 pills of ecstasy and an unknown white powdery substance in the amount of half a kilogram from a Williamston residence on Tuesday morning. Estimated street value of the drugs reportedly seized is approximately $276,000.

In addition to the drugs, authorities allegedly also seized four handguns, U.S. currency in excess of $13,000 and drug-related paraphernalia, including scales, a machine to count currency and a press for forming cocaine into kilogram packages.

Previous drug investigations allegedly assisted authorities in identifying the 35-year-old man. Law enforcement report obtaining a search warrant after finding probable cause but do not go into further specifics.

Without specifically knowing the additional charges that are pending, it is impossible to know how much prison time each of the two men could be facing. Nevertheless, the high bond amounts suggest that authorities are taking the alleged crimes very seriously. People in North Carolina facing drug charges may find it helpful to contact an attorney.

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