Is home security video footage reliable evidence?

It seems that cameras are everywhere these days in North Carolina. Most people have them at their home. If a break-in occurs, law enforcement will often collect any security camera video the homeowner may have. While some cameras show great images and can lead to verification of identity, not all security camera footage is usable once the case gets to court. This can often be a good defense if you are the one facing theft charges.

Home Restored explains that home security camera footage does not always qualify as useable evidence for a few good reasons. If the video feed is not clear, then it obviously is not good evidence. It could actually help you as the accused and clear your name if it really bad, so often the prosecution will throw it out instead of trying to use it.

Another common issue is that the timestamp is not accurate. If it does not match up to the time the crime occurred, that can cause major issues in the courtroom. It might just be a homeowner who did not know how to set the time and date properly, but it also could be a sign of tampering with the video or even a video from some other time. In any case, it will not provide the proof needed to solidify your guilt.

The reality is that it is very common for home security camera footage to be more helpful to you as the accused than to the prosecution. So, the chances are that it will never make it to court. This information is for education only. It is not legal advice.

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