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Theft and Property Crimes

Do self-checkouts increase the risks of accidental theft?

Self-checkout systems are quickly popping up all over stores in North Carolina. They allow you to check your own items out and pay without the need for a store employee to man every register. Instead, most stores have multiple self-checkout stations with one employee who…

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Is home security video footage reliable evidence?

It seems that cameras are everywhere these days in North Carolina. Most people have them at their home. If a break-in occurs, law enforcement will often collect any security camera video the homeowner may have. While some cameras show great images and can lead to…

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When you are falsely accused of theft

People are falsely accused of many different offenses, from assault to traffic violations. However, some can be especially frustrating, such as false allegations of theft. There are many different reasons why someone may wrongly accuse another person of stealing from them. In some cases, the…

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Dealing with lost property in North Carolina

Most in Charlotte may not have any difficulty defining what “theft” is: someone taking something from another. This may be why excuses offered by as to why someone was found to be in possession of another’s property are dismissed as being just that. At the…

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