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The level of DWI charges affects the penalty

If you’ve ever been pulled over in a North Carolina traffic stop, you no doubt understand how disconcerting such situations can be, especially if you wind up getting a ticket, or worse. If a police officer asks you to step out of your vehicle, you…

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Arrest leads to multiple felony and misdemeanor charges

A criminal charge can upend someone’s world, creating months or years of uncertainty while the North Carolina criminal process plays out. However, if someone is facing numerous charges, there may be even more at stake. It is possible for a single incident to result in both…

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Things to know about expungement

If arrested, charged and convicted of a crime in North Carolina, the implications of the incidents in question may not only be immediate but far-reaching in life. It might be difficult finding a job after serving a sentence under conviction, for instance. Many people wish…

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When is deadly force permitted under North Carolina law?

It is generally understood that people can use deadly force to defend themselves and their property. But, cases such as these are not always cut-and-dry. A recent case involving a car owner shooting a would-be car thief who was in the process of fleeing has…

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Justice Department announces new focus on white collar victims

When white collar crimes are investigated, several factors are considered. The Justice Department recently announced that they will now be considering the impacts on the victims more significantly in its investigations. It also shared it will be holding executives of companies that enable such crimes more individually…

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What alcohol-related laws are on the books in North Carolina?

Alcohol-related laws can vary greatly from state to state. It is a good idea for those living in North Carolina, or even visiting for a short time, to know what is and isn’t permitted in the state. Understanding these laws is especially relevant to those…

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