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Physical drug possession vs. constructive drug possession

If North Carolina police take you into custody, it could take days, weeks or longer to process your case. Any number of issues can have an impact on the ultimate outcome, including whether you’re facing drug possession charges or charges related to another type of…

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Lawmakers consider proposal to legalize medical cannabis

Across the United States, multiple locations have amended drug laws in recent years. Changes include legalizing cannabis, reforming drug policies to be more health-focused and decriminalizing certain psychedelics. According to experts, more states are poised to amend marijuana laws in the coming years. Is North Carolina one of the states that could legalize marijuana…

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Are Good Samaritan and Death by Distribution laws contradictory?

Contradictory laws can cause many consequences, such as confusion or impacted decision-making for citizens. This is certainly true of the Good Samaritan and Death by Distribution laws in North Carolina. The Death by Distribution law has caused a great deal of fear amongst those who might otherwise have called…

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What is the North Carolina Second Chance Act?

There has long been controversy regarding the treatment of juveniles in criminal law. Many advocates say it is important prevent young offenders from weighed down by a criminal record for acts at such a young age, especially if the offence is non-violent.  The North Carolina…

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