Arrest leads to multiple felony and misdemeanor charges

A criminal charge can upend someone’s world, creating months or years of uncertainty while the North Carolina criminal process plays out. However, if someone is facing numerous charges, there may be even more at stake. It is possible for a single incident to result in both misdemeanor and felony charges, both of which can lead to long-term, lifechanging consequences.

Charges piling up

One local man’s encounter with police resulted in multiple criminal charges over several counties. Reports say the man failed to stop when police tried to pull him over, and he led officers on a chase that crossed county lines. It is unclear why police instigated the stop. During the pursuit, the driver allegedly ran through red lights and stop signs as well as exceeding the speed limit.

He now faces misdemeanor charges including speeding and failing to stop for a stop sign. In addition to these misdemeanors, the man is charged with fleeing police in a motor vehicle, which is a felony offense. He also must answer charges that he violated his probation.

A future on the line

While the felony counts are more serious, misdemeanor charges can also complicate one’s life. Not only will a conviction for some misdemeanors lead to costly fines and potential jail time, but they can also minimize opportunities in the future. This can include disqualifying someone from certain jobs and making them ineligible for housing options. Because there is so much in the balance when facing  criminal charges, it is wise to build a strong defense and obtain reliable legal counsel.

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