Man fired over DUI arrest

Law enforcement officers in North Carolina recently arrested one of their own for allegedly driving under the influence. This gentleman, who started as a deputy with the Mecklenburg County Sheriffs Office in 2014, has since been fired. This has negatively affected his life in numerous ways already, and his case has yet to go to court.

What happened?

Few details are available about the incident in question. It was just reported that a deputy was fired two days after being arrested for driving while impaired — which happened on Saturday, Sept. 11. The report did not specify if it was drugs or alcohol involved — or both. The accused was not on duty when the arrest took place.

Why did he lose his job?

The Sheriffs Department released a statement saying this type of behavior is not tolerated. For this reason, the accused lost his job. It didnt matter that this individual has not been convicted of a crime.

What can the accused do?

For starters, he can defend himself with the assistance of legal counsel. Fighting a DUI charge in a North Carolina criminal court may prove difficult; however, there are steps he can take to either seek a case dismissal or at least a reduction in charges and penalties. Next, he can fight any administrative consequences. Finally, he can take steps to get his life back on track, such as seeking out new employment, file an expungement when the time is right — if he is convicted, and focus on moving forward.

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