2 arrested and charged with theft, drug and weapons crimes

Law enforcement authorities in North Carolina recently arrested two individuals who are accused of stealing from storage units. They are facing several charges for theft, drug and weapons crimes. If found guilty on any of the charges filed against them, the consequences they are looking at may be severe.

What happened?

For some time, authorities have received numerous calls about items being taken from units at the Davidson Self Storage in the Statesville area. Investigators quickly determined that employees were behind the theft. The individuals accused of the crime are a married couple who worked at the storage facility. They were responsible for general maintenance.

The investigation and charges

On July 14, law enforcement authorities were able to obtain warrants to search the couple’s property, and they claim to have found several of the missing items. The couple was promptly arrested and transported to a local detention center. The charges against them include:

  • Various felony larceny charges
  • Felony breaking and entering
  • Theft of a firearm
  • Felony possession of methamphetamine
  • Drug manufacturing
  • Intent to sell

Bond of $100,000 has already been set for each of the accused. It is unclear if they posted bond or are still in police custody. It is also unclear when their cases will go to trial.


While this case may seem pretty open and shut, it doesn’t mean that each of the accused should sit back and let the state determine their fate. According to North Carolina laws, each of them is looking at years behind bars and hefty fines — among various other penalties. An experienced criminal defense attorney can assist them through criminal proceedings and help them fight for the best outcome possible.

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