Arrested on drug-related charges?

Were you recently arrested for the possession, manufacturing or distribution of illegal drugs? Or are you accused of possessing or selling illegally obtained prescription drugs? In either case, the consequences associated with a conviction on drug-related charges in the state of North Carolina may be significant. The sooner you take steps to protect yourself, the better.  

The consequences 

The consequences for drug-related charges run the gamut. The severity of the consequences handed down in your case — in the event of a conviction — will depend on the type of drug involved and if you are accused of selling, making or using said drug. Potential penalties include court-ordered rehabilitation, probation, jail time, prison time and fines. Things can get even worse if weapons or any other charges are also filed against you. 

You can fight back 

The good news is, you can take steps to fight drug-related charges. The road is not easy, but not everyone ends up facing the max penalties, and some do not face penalties at all — if the charges are ultimately dismissed. So, dont think that drug-related charges mean the end of your world. 

Get help 

The sooner you get help fighting your drug-related charges, the better. Legal counsel can assist you as you navigate the North Carolina criminal court system and takes the steps necessary to achieve the best outcome possible. To learn more about drug-related charges and how an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you protect yourself, please take a moment and visit our firms website.

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