What Impact Do Drug Charges Have On College?

Sending your kids away to college is one of the most nerve-wracking moments for a parent. You don’t want to shelter your child, but you also want to make sure that they don’t push the limits of their newfound freedom too much. It’s natural for kids to test the limits of what’s possible when they leave home. Normally, this takes the form of partying and those other activities they may not have been allowed to engage in while living at home. Sometimes these activities can lead to poor decisions and run-ins with the law.

The impact on a student’s future

A drug charge can have more implications on a person’s life than just criminal charges. Here are some of the ways that a drug charge might affect a student’s options in North Carolina:

  • A drug charge could make a student ineligible for student aid. The FAFSA application requires disclosures regarding criminal convictions. If a student received federal student aid after a conviction, they may be responsible for paying those funds back. 
  • Every school has its own policies regarding students who have criminal convictions. For many colleges, even a drug charge is enough to warrant a suspension or expulsion. 
  • A conviction can have longstanding repercussions for a person’s education and career. A conviction may make a person less desirable for graduate school and many internships and job opportunities. 

Preserving a child’s educational opportunities

If your student makes a mistake while away at school, you want to make sure they have the chance to course-correct and regain the opportunities they had before a charge. Make sure that you explore all the options available for giving your child a fair chance at an education and career.

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