Police arrest 1 man, looking for another person involved in theft

Recently, equipment was reportedly stolen from the Burke County Search and Rescue team. Authorities say they have arrested one man responsible for the crime, but they are still looking for at least one other person believed to be involved in the incident. The accused and his supposed partner are looking at serious consequences if they find themselves convicted of theft in the state of North Carolina.

According to reports, members of the rescue team showed up for training on Saturday, Jan. 16, to find two of their trailers broken into. They claim that two ATVs, several helmets, radios, a chainsaw and a generator were removed. In a video news report, it was said that the cost of the equipment taken was over $30,000.

It took police a couple of days, but they say they have one person thought involved in the theft in custody. Given the price tag of the property taken, this individual is looking at felony charges. If convicted, potential penalties in his case include hefty fines and months or even years behind bars — among various others. The same will hold true for the second individual believed involved once he or she is located.

Charges of theft are serious and should be treated as such. The accused can help himself by seeking assistance with his criminal defense, questioning any evidence provided and defending himself with the help of legal counsel. While it is impossible to guarantee any particular outcome, with the right assistance in this individuals corner, he may achieve a case dismissal or, at least, a reduction in charges and penalties.

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