Worried about the results of your field sobriety tests?

It happened. You were pulled over by North Carolina Police and asked to submit to field sobriety testing. You complied because you felt you had to, and doing so resulted in test failure and your arrest.

Many people believe that if they fail their field sobriety tests that a conviction on drunk or otherwise impaired driving charges is unavoidable. That is far from the truth, however. Field sobriety tests, though touted as highly accurate, are far from it. They are subjective in nature, and a number of things can contribute to test failure. So, if you worry that a failed field sobriety test is going to be your demise, you may not have as much to worry about as you think you do.

Fighting field sobriety tests may be possible. Legal counsel will have the ability to question the evidence offered against you. In doing so, information may come to light that will prove beneficial to your case. For example, it may be learned that test protocols were not followed by the administering officer — among various other things.

If you are worried about the results of your field sobriety tests, the sooner you seek help addressing these results, the better. With the assistance of an experienced criminal defense attorney, you can take the steps needed to protect yourself as you work to achieve a case dismissal or, at least, a reduction in charges and penalties. To learn more about how legal counsel can help you with your drunk driving charges, please take a moment and visit our firm’s website.

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