Do you understand everything about expungement?

You have made some mistakes in your past, ones you have learned from. You now want to expunge your criminal record, so you can enjoy your new life in North Carolina.

To help you understand what life is like after a successful expungement, The Marshall Project offers information that you may not know. See how to make the most of clearing your record.

Do not forget about the internet 

While you can do away with your criminal record, you cannot get rid of any mugshots or stories of your transgressions that may exist online. Despite that, working to have your record expunged can still open various opportunities in your new life that were inaccessible because of the existence of your criminal record.

Think about your citizenship status

Maybe you committed a crime when you were not an official citizen of the U.S. If so, it may not matter whether you successfully clear your criminal record, you may still find yourself deported. This is due to a 1996 immigration law.

Consider which jobs for which you apply 

Unfortunately, an expunged record does not always equal an easier time gaining employment. Some private information organizations occasionally download court databases, and your criminal record could exist on such a database. Should a potential employer hire a company for a background check, your old record may pop up and land in a hiring manager’s hands. Even though the information came from an old database, knowledge of your past could harm your chances of landing a job at something like a law firm.

Of course, it is worth your time and energy to expunge your criminal record. Use the above insights to plan your life after expungement.

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