What are the gun laws in North Carolina?

If you’re a gun owner in North Carolina, you naturally want to stay in step with the current laws. Even a lawfully permitted gun can land you in trouble in certain situations, and it can be hard to stay on top of all the relevant laws and regulations. In this case, The News & Observer offers the following information, which all gun owners in the state should be aware of.

Illegal guns

Certain types of guns are considered to pose more of a threat to the general public. This includes things like machine guns, which many believe are not legal to own. However, it is possible to purchase and own these guns, provided the owner has a National Firearms Act permit. Unlike a regular permit, these applications entail a more rigorous background check and added fees. In order to get this permit an application must be filed with their local sheriff, and in most states they can decide whether the applicant is suitable. However, laws in North Carolina stipulate that a permit must be issued as long as the person meets the criteria.

Carrying guns in vehicles

A concealed carry permit is necessary when there is a gun in your vehicle, but only in certain situations. For instance, a gun is not consider concealed in a vehicle if it’s locked away, such as in a trunk. It’s also not necessary to have a concealed carry permit if a gun is in plain view, such as on a seat. If a gun is accessible but stored out of view, such as in a glove compartment or under the seat, then the person must have a permit. Additionally, if stopped by law enforcement the person must also inform the officer of the gun in the vehicle.

Places where guns aren’t allowed

North Carolina is quite generous in where you can carry your gun. There are places where guns are never permitted, including police stations, schools, jails, the State Capitol, banks, museums, and government buildings. Additionally, if there is a sign posted saying guns are not allowed on the premises gun owners must comply or could face recrimination.

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