DUI arrest costs school superintendent her job

The risks one poses (and assumes) when getting behind the wheel after having been drinking in Charlotte are well-documented. The fact that people still do it may speak to something more than just mere carelessness. Few (if any) people may actually want to harm themselves or others while driving drunk, the issues that defy the logic of the scenario may prompt them to drive anyway. What is unfortunate about such a situation is that their decision may end up causing them to face consequences that could potentially alter their lives.

A DUI arrest can certainly do that, and in more ways than one may think. While the common penalties for driving under the influence may seem to be minor (at least for initial offenses), it often is the collateral consequences that most have the hardest time dealing with. A South Carolina woman is having to learn this lesson the hard following her DUI arrest. She was charged after being involved in an accident during the late night hours (in which fortunately no one was hurt). The next day, she was placed on administrative leave from her position as the superintendent of a local school district. She tendered her resignation later that evening.

Those charged with driving under the influence may not be able to control consequences such as these. They may, however, be able to make a plea to help them secure the assistance needed to ensure that such an incident does not occur again. Such help might end up making the task of putting one’s life back together following such an incident that much easier. Those looking to secure it may find themselves a valuable ally in the form of a compassionate and caring criminal defense attorney.

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