Police looking for armed robbery suspect

North Carolina police are currently in the process of identifying a man who robbed a convenience store at gunpoint. This event occurred in the Charlotte area on the evening of Sept. 10. If caught, charged and convicted, this gentleman is looking at some serious consequences.

What happened?

According to reports, a man walked into a Sams Mart on Steel Creek Road, and while appearing to purchase cigarettes and alcohol, he brandished a gun and demanded money from the cashier. The cashier complied, and then the  individual left without incident. Authorities are asking anyone who knows anything about this event and the person involved to please, share that information with them. A picture of the accused has been posted to the public, as he failed to conceal his identity.


The consequences associated with an armed robbery conviction in North Carolina can be significant. They typically include incarceration, fines and probation — among various others. Thankfully, no one was physically harmed during this incident, or that would have increased the severity of the potential consequences.


When caught, or upon turning himself in, this individual has the right to take steps to defend himself. Thankfully, he has the right to have legal counsel who can help him with that. With an experienced robbery attorney on his side, he can get answers to any questions he has about his case so that he can make informed legal decisions, which will assist him as he works his way through the North Carolina criminal court system.

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