Man facing several charges following domestic violence incident

Police in North Carolina recently arrested a man following a domestic violence incident. He is facing several charges as a result, all of which carry significant consequences if convicted. As this gentleman already has a felony conviction on record, how he approaches this situation matters. Thankfully, he has the right to retain legal counsel to help with his defense.

What happened?

According to reports, police in Charlotte were called to Steele Creek Apartments on Wednesday, June 2, to investigate a domestic disturbance. When they arrived, they say a man with a gun barricaded himself inside one of the apartments and then allegedly opened fire. None of the officers suffered injuries in the incident. After roughly an hour on the scene, the man surrendered to the officers without incident and was taken to a local hospital for evaluation before being placed into the custody of the county sheriffs office. 

The charges

The accused has been charged with three counts of assault of law enforcement officers, three counts of attempted murder and assault of a female. As he has a felony conviction in another state, he is also charged with felon in possession of a firearm. If convicted, he is looking at time behind bars and hefty fines, among other consequences.


Given the accuseds past, he may feel defending himself against the charges currently at hand is a waste of time. That simply isnt true. While legal counsel cant guarantee a particular outcome, an experienced domestic violence criminal defense attorney can help this individual do everything to fight for the best outcome possible.

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