Dozens of people recently arrested for street racing

Police in North Carolina recently wrapped up an investigation they have been working on for the past six months after receiving multiple complaints about organized street racing and aggressive driving in the Charlotte area. As a result of this investigation, dozens of people have been arrested, and at least 60 cars have been seized. The charges filed are for more than minor traffic violations, which means the accused individuals may face significant consequences if they are convicted.  

The operation 

According to reports, police began this investigation in Oct. 2020. What they allegedly found throughout the operation was groups of people gathering in various parts of the city to participate in street racing. Sometimes, hundreds of people would be at these events. This is not a new issue. Street racing is something law enforcement has been dealing with for decades.  

The results 

This enforcement operation resulted in over 2,500 traffic stops. A total of 3,500 violations were noted. The charges filed against those recently arrested include speeding, driving while impaired, reckless driving, spontaneous racing violations and possession of illegal weapons. The vehicles seized will either be auctioned off, permanently seized or eventually released back to their owners. Law enforcement also says they will be sending letters to other individuals who have been identified in taking part in the street racing detailing potential penalties if they fail to stop.  

Criminal defense 

Those arrested following this street racing investigation have a lot on the line. They are looking at incarceration, fines, loss of driving privileges and various other penalties if convicted. Legal counsel can help each of these individuals defend themselves and seek the best outcomes possible.

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