North Carolina woman facing drug trafficking charges

Police in North Carolina arrested a woman for allegedly purchasing Oxycodone outside the Cleveland County Courthouse earlier this year. Due to the amount she is said to have had in her possession when taken into custody, she is facing drug trafficking charges which can carry significant penalties if convicted. With a lot on the line, this individual can help herself and her case by seeking assistance addressing the matter as soon as possible.

According to reports, the accused, a 53-year-old female, was supposedly caught in the middle of a drug buy during her lunch break — she is a former clerk at the Cleveland County Courthouse. Authorities say she had more than two dozen pills on her person when they arrested her. She was indicted on Monday, Oct. 5, and turned herself in the following day. She was not held long, however, as she was able to post the $75,000 bond set in her case.

Authorities do believe that the drugs were purchased for her personal use, not for resale. However, trafficking charges still had to be filed per state laws. The district attorney released a statement saying he has every intention of prosecuting this case without providing special treatment even though the accused is a friend of the court. That doesn’t mean this individual will not have the ability to fight the charges, seek a reduction in charges or pursue alternative sentencing.

While this case may be happening outside the Charlotte area, it seemed an important one to share. It just goes to show that law enforcement authorities in North Carolina do not care who one is or who one works for, if a person is thought to be participating in drug trafficking or any other drug-related crime, they will prosecute. Anyone facing charges similar to those mentioned in the case above has every right to defend themselves and should as they are facing time behind bars, hefty fines and other serious consequences if convicted. Thankfully, that is something they do not have to be done alone.

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