Caretaker of disabled teen facing various felony charges

Police in North Carolina are currently investigating the recent death of a disabled teenager. The girl — age 17 — was found drowned in her bathtub. Her caregiver was arrested and is said to be facing various felony charges.

According to reports, law enforcement officers in Charlotte responded to a call at a home on Friday, April 24. When they arrived, they found the teenager, who reportedly suffered from significant mental and physical disabilities, unresponsive in a bathtub. She was promptly taken to a medical facility for treatment, but she was pronounced dead soon after her arrival.

At home with the teen was her paid caretaker — a 41-year-old female. This individual was taken into police custodyand ultimately charged with abuse and negligent conduct resulting in death. The accused is no longer in police custody, however, as she was able to post bail on Saturday, April 25. It is unclear when her case will be heard in court.

The felony charges filed in this case carry significant penalties in the state of North Carolina — such as incarceration and fines, among others. If convicted, the life that the accused is accustomed to may change forever. As she has so much on the line, the way she chooses to approach her case matters. Various defense strategies may be available that will help her as she fights for case dismissal or, at least, a reduction in charges and penalties. An experienced criminal defense attorney will have the ability to review the details of this case, investigate the matter further, question any evidence offered against the accused and assist this individual in doing all that is necessary to seek the best outcome possible.

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