What are the most common white collar crimes?

White collar crimes are unique in many ways. They do not involve violence and are always associated with finances. Sometimes, it is difficult to pinpoint the victims of these crimes because they can be far-reaching in whom they impact. Also, those charged with these crimes are typically business people or professionals who have some standing in the community. This may be an area of crime in North Carolina that you are not familiar with.

Common white collar crimes can happen in a variety of ways, according to North Central University. This includes embezzlement, which is quite common because it can happen in almost any business situation, from large corporations to small non-profits. This crime happens when someone trusted to manage finances misuses them for their own gain.

Another common crime is bankruptcy fraud. This happens when you hide property during your bankruptcy. You might do it in your Chapter 7 filing, or a large company could do it when filing for its bankruptcy protection. Hiding assets is criminal because the court will sell your assets and then use that to pay back your debts, which cannot happen if you do not disclose all your assets.

Perhaps the best known type of white collar crime is corporate fraud. This is when a corporation commits a crime involving its finances. This could include insider trading and fraud. There are plenty of high-profile cases where executives in corporations have abused their power for their own financial gain.

White collar crimes can happen to you or to a big business. They are something that may not harm you physically but that cause economic issues that impact society. This information is for education and is not legal advice.

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