Requirements for ignition interlock devices

If you have been arrested for and charged with a driving while intoxicated offense in North Carolina, you will no doubt be concerned about the consequences that you may face and how these will impact your daily life. One of the consequences many people worry about is the loss of driving privileges. Not being allowed to drive can make it difficult, if not impossible, to keep your job or take care of your family.

In some situations, you may be eligible to have your driving privileges reinstated if you install and use an ignition interlock device. As explained by the North Carolina Department of Transportation, the use of an IID is mandatory for some drivers convicted of DWI offenses. These drivers include anyone who had previously been convicted of at least one other DWI charge in the previous seven years. Also, any driver with a blood alcohol content exceeding 0.14 percent might need to install an IID.

The length of time that an IID must be used varies based in part on the length of time that their driver’s license would otherwise be revoked. Ignition interlock devices may be required for as long as seven years for drivers with permanent revocation orders but for only one year for people with a one-year revocation.

If you would like to learn more about ignition interlock devices or other penalties associated with a drunk driving conviction, please feel free to visit the IID and restored driving privileges page of our North Carolina drunk driving defense website.

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