Tax Evasion & Tax Fraud

Charlotte, North Carolina, Tax Evasion Lawyer

The Need For An Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney

The North Carolina federal prosecutors' offices in all three districts have announced they are prosecuting instances of tax evasion and tax fraud with increased tenacity. The offices bring in skilled prosecutors and give them nearly unlimited resources to handle these cases. An experienced and adept criminal defense lawyer may be able to prevent serious criminal consequences if you are under investigation.

If you have been charged with tax evasion, defend yourself with a criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett. Mr. Barnett has more than 30 years of experience in criminal defense. Contact our office in Charlotte, North Carolina, to schedule an appointment.

Our firm represents law firms, business and individuals in tax evasion cases. We defend clients in cases involving:

  • Individuals moving money off shore
  • Individuals who fix the books in order to avoid paying taxes
  • Ponzi schemes or pyramid schemes
  • Tax protesters who refuse to file taxes
  • Financial advisors who recommend fraud to their clients

Tax evasion is a serious offense. The convicted face prison sentences and large fines. They may lose their business or licenses to practice. At The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett, we have a thorough understanding of IRS and North Carolina Department of Revenue laws and regulations. This understanding, along with our ability to investigate the case and apply the relative laws, allows us to provide an effective defense on behalf of our clients.

Contact A North Carolina Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you or your business has been accused of tax evasion, tax fraud or another white collar crime, contact a North Carolina criminal defense attorney with knowledge of tax law and experience handling these matters. Contact The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett today.

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