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Embezzlement is a fancy term for employee theft. It covers theft of company or customer money, inventory or assets by an employee or other insider. Typically considered a white collar crime, embezzlement can take place in any business, in any industry.

Embezzlement charges span a range of severity. For state charges involving less than $100,000 in money or property, you may be able to negotiate an outcome that avoids jail time. Offenses involving more than $100,000, though, are generally pursued as Class C felonies. These charges are extremely serious, as they carry a mandatory prison sentence. Large cases may also be pursued at the federal level.

Managing The Aftermath Of Embezzlement Allegations

A conviction for embezzlement — particularly at the federal level — can cast a long shadow over your future. Like other theft offenses, embezzlement carries a harsh social stigma. Your career can come to a screeching halt in the face of embezzlement allegations.

Handling an embezzlement case requires not only astute legal skills and strong defensive tactics, but also active strategies for managing the fallout from the allegations. Involving an attorney at the investigation stage — before the allegations are exposed to public view through formal charges — can help mitigate the consequences.

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At The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett, a Charlotte criminal defense law firm, we handle embezzlement cases with the highest degree of discretion and diligence. Backed by more than three decades of legal experience, we possess the strong trial and negotiation skills that are so critical in these cases.

Lawyer Kevin L. Barnett is well-known and well-connected throughout Western North Carolina. We don't hesitate to invest whatever time, resources and attention are necessary to help our clients achieve positive outcomes. While no attorney can guarantee a particular result in any case, we can guarantee that we will exert our best efforts on your behalf.

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