Drug Offenses

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In many ways, the strength of a drug crime case rests not on the evidence involved but on the actions and decisions of police and investigators. Whether police had a right to stop and search your car, enter your home, or seize property will determine what evidence is allowed at trial and whether the charges against you should be dropped.

At The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett, our attorney interviews witnesses, reviews dashboard videotape footage and investigates the history of arresting officers and narcotics detectives. Our office doesn't simply look at the events that transpired surrounding your arrest, but looks at the assumptions and actions that led police and investigators to do what they did. Especially when informants are involved, our drug crime lawyer exposes the compromising nature of a plea bargain and untrustworthiness of informant testimony.

We are prepared to fight the charges against you by identifying police misconduct and questionable constitutional practices on the part of investigators. To schedule a free, confidential consultation to discuss your case, contact a Charlotte, North Carolina, drug crime defense lawyer.

Criminal Drug Offenses

The criminal defense lawyer at The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett represents clients charged with all types of drug crimes, including:

Property Seizure And Drug Crime Charges

Often, the government can seize any property or assets it thinks the accused acquired through illegal drug activity. Since asset seizures and asset forfeitures are typically separate legal actions by the North Carolina Department of Revenue or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the government can seize your property before you have been convicted of a drug crime and even if you are acquitted of all charges.

When you hire The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett, our attorney will immediately challenge the government's case. We will consult accountants and financial experts, if necessary, to counter government and IRS allegations.

Aggressive Litigators And Effective Negotiators

While we are prepared to aggressively defend you, we also understand how the criminal court system works. When a plea bargain makes the most sense for our client, we work with prosecutors in order to reduce the charges, helping you avoid a worst-case scenario. We strongly believe everyone deserves a second chance.

To schedule a free consultation to discuss how we can help you fight the drug crime charges against you, contact a Mecklenburg County drug possession and trafficking narcotics defense attorney at The Law Office of Kevin L. Barnett. Call 704-899-5574.